Jim Cervasi
Class President
Jim Cervasi
Sharon Scheetz Jones
Class Treasurer
Sharon Scheetz
Pete Curto
Class Vice President
Pete Curto
Dorothy Wirebach Young
Class Secretary
Dorothy <i>Wirebach Young</i>
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About EAHS Project "65"

In 2015, our Easton Area High School diplomas will be 50 years old! Can you believe it?

It’s a good time to reconnect and reminisce. And, with the able help and support of our ’65 classmate--Ron Stamets--all of us can connect through this great website. It’s been designed just for you, a member of the EAHS Class of ’65, and it will help all of us to find old friends and keep in touch.

Jim Cervasi and I are gathering and entering data on classmates. We need you to help locate classmates and keep the website’s information current.

When Jim Cervasi moved back to Easton in 2003, he missed seeing his old friends and classmates and made it his mission to have events that pulled people together again. In preparation for the latest of his get-togethers, Jim did a mailing during the summer of 2011 to announce a Class of ’65 picnic get-together. Using the latest available list, he had many envelopes returned, marked “undeliverable” or “addressee unknown.” Yet, through word of mouth and email, some 80 classmates attended and enjoyed good food and fond memories of their days at EAHS! Some photos from the picnic are in the “Gallery” on this website. Jim is the inspiration behind this website, and his “bucket list” includes a BIG 50th Reunion of the Class of 1965 in 2015!

Marie Arnts Lee

So, welcome to your EAHS Class of ’65 website! As classmates are added to the registry, it’s inevitable that much information will be outdated. Further, it’s likely that the registry doesn’t have your information or any on some of your friends. In either case, you may find yourself or your friends on the MISSING link. You know where you are, so please use the “Contact Team” link to update your information or to add or update someone else. Please know that you were not put among the “Missing” on purpose! Honest!

Our webmaster and classmate--Ron Stamets--has built in security and privacy controls, and we will not sell or use the database for any purpose other than planning for future reunions of the EAHS Class of ’65.

The evolution of the EAHS “65” Project website is ongoing. This is just the beginning. Please bookmark this website, and subscribe using the box on the right to receive updates and class news. Send photos or remembrances of your days at EAHS. The mailbox is always open!