Jim Cervasi
Class President
Jim Cervasi
Sharon Scheetz Jones
Class Treasurer
Sharon Scheetz
Pete Curto
Class Vice President
Pete Curto
Dorothy Wirebach Young
Class Secretary
Dorothy <i>Wirebach Young</i>
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Privacy Policy

The EAHS "65" website was created by, and for the Easton Area High School Class of 1965. Information provided by classmates is not sold, rented or released to 3rd parties except where required by United States Law, or where a third party resource or service is required to fulfill a classmate's request.

From time to time, we may send email newsletters to our classmates. Each newsletter includes an "opt-out" link which enables the recipient to permanently remove themselves from any future mailings.

We may provide our classmates with the ability to initiate communication with another classmate through the use of forms that prevent the user of the form from discovering the email address of the recipient. As a minimum requirement, the sender's first name, last name and email address are required. The recipient may choose to respond or not to respond without their contact information being compromised.

Images, Videos, and other media that are submitted by classmates, may, at the discretion of the team be publicly displayed on the website. IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR SUBMITTED IMAGES DISPLAYED, PLEASE INDICATE SO WITH YOUR SUBMISSION!

In the event that a classmate misuses the website for other than its intended purpose, such as solicitation, advertising, spam, or any type of harassment, that classmate's contact privileges will be revoked, and that classmate will be prevented from using any contact functions on this website.

Please report any misuse of this website to the webmaster: Ron Stamets. (Please retain any reported email until we address the issue)