Jim Cervasi
Class President
Jim Cervasi
Sharon Scheetz Jones
Class Treasurer
Sharon Scheetz
Pete Curto
Class Vice President
Pete Curto
Dorothy Wirebach Young
Class Secretary
Dorothy <i>Wirebach Young</i>
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Welcome to the EAHS "65" Project!
By: Marie (Arnts) Lee

Youíve reached the official website for the Class of 1965 at Easton Area High School in Easton, Pennsylvania. Weíre glad you found us, and we hope the website will help you reconnect and reminisce with classmates and old friends from EAHS.

Our class website has been available since the fall of 2011. We now have information on more than half of our classmates, and they are shown on the "Registry" page. If you are shown there, your email address is the key to connecting with others. Just click on "Contact This Classmate" below a class photo. If you move or change your email address, please remember to update your listing with a click on your own photo.

If the "Registry" doesnít have your photo or your friendís photo, you may find it on the "Missing" page. You know where you are, so please use "Team Contact" to send us information that will remove you from "Missing" and add you to the "Registry." Please know that you were not put among the "Missing" on purpose! Honest!

Please look through the "Missing" list and send clues to help track down these classmates. Any clue is helpful, especially an email address, a name change for one of the gals, or a location of a classmate who has moved out of Easton.

We regret that any of our classmates are deceased, and far too many are shown "In Memoriam." We honor their lives here and have included an obituary if itís available. If you know another classmate has died, please use "Team Contact" to send the information.

Click on the link to "Gallery" to see photos taken at monthly class breakfasts and the class picnic held in 2011. We will gladly include your photos or remembrances of your days at EAHS. Just send them.

Our Class President, Jim Cervasi, is the inspiration behind this website. His "bucket list" includes a BIG 50th Reunion of the Class of 1965 in 2015!

Our webmaster, Ron Stamets, is also a classmate. Ron has built in privacy controls. We will not sell or use the database for any purpose other than planning for future reunions of the EAHS Class of 1965.

When you click on "Team Contact," you will reach one of your classmates: Marie Arnts Lee, Sharon Scheetz Jones, or Ron Stamets. All of us are gathering and entering data as itís received. We need you to help us locate classmates and keep the information current!

We hope you enjoy using our EAHS "65" Project website. Please bookmark this page, and watch for occasional emails about class activities from EAHS Class of í65. Our mailbox is always open! We want to hear from you! Go Rovers, Go!


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